2015 Kincaid XC Race #1 Results

1. Will Ross 1:06:57.6 2. Jason Lamoreaux 1:06:58.0 3. Josh Chelf 1:06:58.5 4. Tim Berntson 1:06:58.6 5. John Lackey 1:07:09.5 6. Lars Flora 1:09:07.8 7. Brian Bonney 1:09:20.2 8. Ethan Lynn 1:10:54.6 9. Andy Duenow 1:11:53.9 10. Charles Renfro 1:11:55.9 11. Simon Lynn 1:12:45.2 12. Jordan Harpewer 1:14:29.4 13. Peter Kling 1:14:31.8 14. Clinton Hodges III 1:14:32.7 15. Fred West 1:14:56.6 16. Mark Iverson 1:15:27.0 17. Michael Kelly 1:15:57.3 18. Nathan Abel 1:16:14.6 19. Luc Mehl 1:16:26.5 20. Jacob Wahry 1:17:26.6 21. Owen Ala 1:17:47.7 22. Shannon Fore 1:18:20.0 23. Chris Wrobel 1:19:39.1 24. James Stull 1:19:40.4 25. Luke Kiskaddon 1:20:21.8 26. John Lynn 1:20:37.4 27. Stacey Moon 1:21:21.3 28. Jacob Young 1:22:18.0 29. Rick Scott 1:28:13.9

1. Danelle Winn 1:16:13.0 2. Megan Chelf 1:18:38.5 3. Laura Fox 1:20:38.9 4. Amber Stull 1:21:23.2 5. Christina Grande 1:26:34.0 6. Ellie Mitchell 1:27:57.9 7. Jill Simek 1:35:29.2

1. Mackie Derrick 49:33.9 2. jakub jiracek 51:17.9 3. Max beiergrohslein 51:40.0 4. Chris Wood 51:57.4 5. Brad Manderfeld 52:56.7 6. Andrew Cunningham 54:02.6 7. Adam Ferguson 54:26.9 8. Steve Lee 54:36.8 9. Mark Henspeter 54:37.6 10. Dave Bigelow 55:42.9 11. James Fredrick 55:57.9 12. Nick Therrien 57:07.4 13. Jeff Nelson 57:28.6 14. David Stanfield 57:31.9 15. Andy Petroni 58:09.2 16. Brian Delbecq 59:15.5 17. Nathan Klemm 1:02:35.4 18. Fred Stewart 1:02:39.4 19. Chad Burris 1:03:54.6 20. David Gamez 1:05:28.5 21. Chuck Rowan 1:17:50.7 22. Same Kito 1:23:30.4

1. Stacey Kolstad 56:21.3 2. Heather Edic 58:38.7 3. Andrea Kettler 58:39.8 4. Jennah Jones 1:04:21.1 5. Rose Theisen 1:05:52.9 6. Leah Zumwalt 1:08:23.3 7. Anna Fischer 1:11:13.7

1. Caleb Slemons 29:27.9 2. scott schneider 30:17.6 3. Cody Landenburger 30:28.2 4. Cory Morse 30:32.1 5. Jeff Campbell 31:49.5 6. Brant Grifka 32:02.1 7. Peter Mejia 33:38.8 8. Hayden Madison 35:45.8 9. Ken Best 36:04.6 10. Carlos Martinez 37:50.4 11. Ryan Rupert 43:50.6

1. Jessica Thompson 32:50.3 2. Brooke Therrien 34:06.9 3. Katie Hickey 34:21.8 4. Alicia Driscoll 36:44.0 5. Mesa Jetton 37:45.8 6. Katrina Garner 1:26:27.4

1. Samuel Jemmings 30:33.8 2. Tasman Duenow 32:02.9 3. Reece Duenow 33:42.3 4. Charlie Martinez 37:49.2 5. Jesse Cooper 1:16:54.3 6. Jason Cooper 1:27:13.8


1. Tom Peichel 50:02.2 2. Craig Walker 51:06.7 3. Darin Marin 51:13.0 4. Ed Wise 56:37.2 5. Tony Allen 59:18.5 6. Bruce Ross 1:01:32.2 7. Sven Jordan 1:15:56.6


1. Alex Wilson 52:11.4 2. Chris Schutte 55:28.0 3. Ian Ford 57:14.1 4. jayvin tonn 58:39.5 5. Seth McCord 58:43.2 6. Ryan Stuart 1:00:45.3 7. Tom Schultz 1:01:03.7

1. Maeve Nevins 1:07:26.3


1. Kellene Cooper 1:03:43.1

KINCAID ROAD – ROAD RACE – BIKE FOR DUDES (and any woman who would like to too)

KINCAID ROAD – ROAD RACE – BIKE FOR DUDES (and any woman who would like to too)
May 2, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.

Weather predictions for Saturday, May 2nd could not be better, 50+ and sunny skies!  That’s what we call…….Bike for Dudes time.

All is a go for tomorrow’s bike race. You ladies who are not doing the Bike for Women on Sunday are more than welcome to come out as well.  Registration will remain open until 9:00 p.m. Friday (5/1) night.

It would be hard to top the Bike for Women registration numbers of 700+ but let’s give it a try………..sign up today at www.abcroadracing.com.

4/29 Kulis Crit Postponed, Course Setters needed for Season, Bike for Women needs Volunteers!

KULIS CRIT – postponed

1st crit of the season postponed!  NO RACE on Wednesday, April, 29th.

Due to construction, the first Kulis Crit will be postponed until later in the season. The next one to two races will be moved to a new location (to be announced soon). If you are already signed up for any of these Kulis races or the Crit series your entries will transfer to the rescheduled races.

Interested in helping out the road race division (or know someone that is) for the season? We are looking for one more Course Setter for this season.  This is a great opportunity to earn some money and have a great time with all of our fun racers.


  • must have a car to carry course equipment and move around the course.
  • must have a cell phone to communicate with race directors.
  • must be assertive and independent to perform light flagging duties.
  • requires lifting, sweeping and setting up signage.

Pay is dependent on which races worked and the course location(s).

If you are interested (or know someone that may be) please send an email immediately to:  bike907@gmail.com or call Cathy at 907-229-3636.

Bike for Women Volunteers Needed! We are desperate!
(Men, that means you!)

Bike for Women is the #1 fundraiser of the Arctic Bicycle Club. It supports all the other road race events we host.  We still need over 50 volunteers for the Bike for Women onSunday, May 3rd.

Specifically, we still need over 25 course volunteers to direct races and cheer them on. We are in critical need of flaggers for both the morning and afternoon shifts. 
Please consider giving a bit of your day to this great event! CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER or email Kristin @ bike907@gmail.com.

Portage Glacier Road Time Trial Saturday – April 25! – Kulis Crit Update coming Monday

The Portage Glacier Road Time Trial Saturday (TOMORROW!)- April 25!

Pick up the pace a bit and see if you can beat last week’s Moose Run TT time.

The weather’s expected to be good so what a better way to start your weekend but a nice flat, 9 mile time trial.

Race starts at 11:00 a.m.  Onsite registration and SIGN IN will be available starting at 9:30 a.m.  All racers must be checkin in no later than 10:30am.

Race fee is $18 online
 (up until 9:00 pm Friday night) or $25 on day of race.

Kulis Crit (1st of a Series)

Watch Monday for updates!  Why???

We got some not so good, but good news regarding Kulis that will effect the start of our Kulis Crit Series.  Yesterday, we found out that they will be demobilizing a building just off the course and repaving the road.  There plan was to start construction, Friday the 24th.  If that’s the case we would not be able to hold the first 2-3 Crits at Kulis. We are already making plans for another location but will not be able to pull it off for the first Crit scheduled onWednesday, April 29th.

We have NOT cancelled the crit for Wednesday barring any construction postponement.  If things are delayed we will still host the crit at Kulis.  If in fact they are on schedule and start this weekend we will postpone the first crit to later in the season.

Stay tuned and watch for complete updates as soon as they become available.


Volunteers – We always need Volunteers too!  Email bike907@gmail.com if you or a family member can help!

Moose Run Time Trial This Saturday April 18, 2015

Moose Run Time Trial Saturday – April 18th!

Come on out and start the season off with one of our favorite races!  GREAT training for Bike for Women, Gold Nugget Triathlon and the Eagle River Tri!

We typically have over 100 racers at this event – where is everyone? This is a great training race for the Bike for Women, Gold Nugget Tri, Eagle River Tri and just a great early season race to get the legs back into racing mode!  Grab your friends and come on out Sunday!

Our favorite 10-mile race against the clock, but this time with a twist: we will race the “opposite” direction. Parking, staging, start, and finish will be at the Arctic Valley golf course and driving range parking areaCheck out the course map.

Added bonuses! Race on Saturday and you may just win a Free Tour of Anchorage entry ($100 value). We want to see lots of you there so we are sweetening the pot a bit, however you can’t win if you aren’t there! One lucky racer will win a 2015 Tour of Anchorage entry.

Race fee is $18 online
 (up until 9:00 pm Friday night) or $25 on day of race.
Registration and check-in on race morning will start at 9:30am and end at 10:30am.

  • IMPORTANT PARKING & RACING NOTICE: We will be racing this course in reverse direction. The start, finish, parking and check-in will all be at the driving range off of Arctic Valley Road.  Please park only in designated areas, use the provided port-potties, and obey all rules of the road when driving and riding! Please DO NOT drive on the frontage road to range control or warm up on this road. 
  • Please come early and do not plan to sign up after 10:30 amRegistration will close promptly at 10:30 am so we can post start lists, and prepare for an 11:00am on-time race start. The first race is notoriously busy on race morning, please come early!  Registration will open at 9:30 am.  
  • All racers must check in by 10:30am (even if you signed up online). If you do not check in we will assume you are not racing and you will not be placed on the start list.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

We need Volunteers too!  Email bike907@gmail.com if you or a family member can help!


  • Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 22ndfor Potter Valley Hill ClimbAlways a favorite early race you will not want to miss this one!  Put those climbing legs and muscles to the test! We will be racing this course in reverse direction. Ans for post race fun the Winegarners have invited all the racers and their fans to a post Potter race party at their house…just a stone’s throw from the finish line!  Double the fun all on a Wednesday night!  Details to follow.
  • Hill Climb Point SeriesSeven races – points to be earned – prizes to be won.
    Sign up for the series by 5/12 and pay just $99 for all seven races (save $27). We will even honor that rate onsite if you are still wavering before either of the first two hill climb races (Note:  if you sign up for the series you do not need to sign up for the individual races)
    4/22 – Potter Valley Hill Climb
    5/13 – Clarks Road Hill Climb
    6/25 – Upper Huffman Hill Climb
    7/7 –   Stewart Road Hill Climb
    7/16 – Upper Potter Hill Climb
    8/13 – Glen Alps Hill Climb
    8/30 – Triple Hill Climb
    This is a cool challenge and a fun way to put your legs to the test, reap some awards for it and have some fun amongst your fellow racers.  Full details of prizes, points format and more to come next week